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I found Axios a great library to make calls to a third party API, it’s easy to understand, demands lesser coding, Promise me to return the data, works perfectly with a async/await style, get along with TypeScript.

As per decade old coding advice “Don’t invent the wheel”. When we are building a car we will primarily focus on building a car and not on wheels duh!. We will choose best out of many wheels for our car from many different options available to us. Pretty lame, but will set the base for this article.

In NodeJS, to make an API…

TypeScript teaches some manners to write JavaScript code. A well-written JavaScript code (TypeScript) grabs much attention in the party; so why not simply include TypeScript to write Nodes Express APIs? Great idea! And both NodeJS and Express play very well with this decision.

Install and initialize Typescript

Without wasting much time will jump-start with this one. Lets us first globally install TypeScript if not already. The following command will help us to do so.

npm i -g typescript

Create a project folder where you want to start painting NodeJS Express with TypeScript. We have created a folder named tsc-express-app. …

Sometimes it is very important to know how things are happening on the ground level. This article will talk about how to use XHR — XMLHttpRequest in vanilla JavaScript with the help of most loved REST API; JSONPlaceholder.

If you love web development you might have came across JavaScript’s XHR at some point in your development career for AJAX. There are other easy and handy solutions out there to handle the AJAX calls like fetch() API or if using jQuery then ajax() method. The purpose of XHR was slightly different when the time it was developed as compared to today’s…

They will help to find() your inner soul, filter() out your feelings, make a road map() of your life and surely reduce() your pains.

After your native language which you use for daily communication and sharing your emotions one should definitely have command over JavaScript (for coders obviously). Talking about command, the area which we require some exploration is JavaScript array methods. Now most of the ninja coders out there are already familiar with array methods, but this one is for those Pokémon trainers who have just started their journey in JS. …

Shaikh Zaki Mohammed

Learner, developer, coder and an exceptional omelet lover. Knows how to flip arrays or omelet or arrays of omelet.

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